Mobile Adverting


Drive cable customer sign ups within tightly targeted Virgin Media catchment area.


Use rewards including free tablet and vouchers to drive sign ups. AdMessages were delivered within a defined geo-fence to reflect Virgin cable coverage. Message tapped through to “Big Kahuna” offer page.


“£100 reward to spend at Amazon, M&S, John Lewis or iTunes with our Big Bundles. Online offer ends 28th April”

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Drive potential customers to Virgin mobile site and generate awareness of Mobile deals.


Use product led incentives to drive sign ups. Admessages were targeted at 15-34 inventory and specific messages were run against IOS and Android Users.


“Get the world’s hottest phone for the UK’s best price. Samsung Galaxy S6 from just £31 a month for phone and tariff. Legals apply.”

“Samsung Galaxy S6 - the world’s hottest phone is now available at the UK’s best price. From £31 a month for phone and tariff. Legals apply”.


The campaign clearly connected with the audience delivering a ctr 6x the mobile average. More importantly the CPO(cost per order) beat the target by 55%.

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Mobile Advertising

Mobile Advertising has taken America by storm and we are proud to announce that we have
partnered up with one of the world’s largest agencies to provide this service to YOU!

Where your ad can be seen

Plus many other sources!

DEFINITION of "Mobile Advertising"

Mobile advertising is a unique advertising model that appears on mobile devices such as smart phones, tablets or PDAs that have wireless connections. Adverts are placed as text ads or banner advertisements that appear embedded in mobile web sites, in downloaded apps or even in mobile games. Mobile technology used by companies such as Google and Facebook tailor mobile advertisements based on individual's web browsing history, geographic location, and with data collected by shopping habits. Because mobile devices typically have smaller screens than computers or laptops, this form of digital advertising is usually optimized for small displays by being concise./p>


As mobile devices, outnumber television sets now by almost 3 to 1, the chances of a potential customer seeing a mobile ad are greater than that of most other forms of advertising today.

This industry is about to take off and become extremely congested, as this happens the prices are driven up and the markets are shared spaces so your competitors will also be vying for the traffic as they do on Google!

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How you can target your desired audience:

  • Locations – down to a single postcode
  • Search History – what people have previously searched on their phones/accounts
  • Interests – Interests shared on social media connected to phones
  • Class – lower, middle or upper class
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Any Language
  • Many Different Countries Available

As you can see it is really well targeted for any industry, the good thing is the more targeted the audience, the more chance you have of getting more bang for your buck, the less wasted impressions the better!

This is the next big thing and has a better CTR than Google remarketing by a country mile.

Mobile Ad benefits

  • 5 x higher than mobile average! (The average CTR on mobile advertising is only 0.3%)
  • 75% higher than online display average!
  • Average CTR – 1.5-2% (Google AdWords is at the highest 2%)
  • Native tap actions
  • Visible Trackability (CTR tracking alongside heat map to show where people are clicking)
  • Opportunity to target specific demographics
  • Quick & easy creative advert process
  • Increased response levels – in turn means better ROI

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