B2B Advertising on Linkedin


Linkedin is the largest and most active global community of professionals available online. Infact, there are over 450 million registered users that include; business owners, decision makers, senior level influencers and opinion leaders. It takes a certain amount of professional social savvy to produce great results from Linkedin – Fifty2One Media know how to help you. Linkedin offers marketing insights that let you target professionals audiences unlike any other social media channels. This is represented by rich demographic data listing criterias such as; job function, seniority, company name, industry, location and much, much more.


Groups are teaming with very active relevant members constantly consuming content and interacting with their favourite businesses. Intelligent participation offering value in front of promotional materials is a great way of building connects with potential customers and if implemented correctly a constant stream of news leads daily. Linkedin is rated the top social network for lead generation and group activity plays a big role in this.


Linkedin paid marketing offers so much in terms of targeting options and means that ads can be crafted to highly specific criterias. Fifty2One Media have years of experience delivering campaigns built around your customers personas. We can even tailor different messaging and approaches to different sub sections of your target audience for maximum impact. Some of the marketing methods used in your Linkedin Marketing Strategy could include; content boosting, targeted paid InMail campaigns, dynamic advertising, display ads and text ads.


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