About The Team

A Perfect Digital Partner for your Online Success

Fifty2one is a new Online Marketing business started by a group of directors who all have been part of many successful companies over the last 20 years. Having made a considerable amount of money for other companies we decided it was time to put our expert knowledge and huge black book of associates to use for our own company. We wanted to build a brand that people wanted to be a part of, even needed to be a part of and as such Fifty2One was born a brand built on TRUST.

The concept behind Fifty2One is simple really, We will have 50 clients on page 1 and look after those client's without a need to keep chasing more and more companies.. We will then invest and reinvest our 50 clients spend to ensure that the success we bring shows growth and consistency without the need to continually put out fires or overlook a client whilst chasing new ones. We firmly believe that if the client is happy, has the results we discuss at the start of the campaign and can see growth at the tills then why would you look elsewhere. Our belief that “Our Success Is YOUR Success” is more than a cheesy strap line, in fact it is the basis of what we are going to achieve. Once we hit our target of 50 clients and in effect close ranks we will in no uncertain terms take on a single extra client.

This is mad you may think but for us it is the icing on the cake. For example, in my 20 years in online advertising I have worked with many small companies and many blue chip companies and whether the budget be hundreds of thousands or just hundreds the pattern is the same. Someone will always be turned by a cheaper deal, there will always be companies under cutting us once we have achieved the results and this is just a fact of business. So if we stick to our 50 and others see and hear about our success this will create a demand for our service, a demand to be part of our special unit and hopefully a waiting list of potential newbies that want to join the Fifty2One family.

The aim here is to never have to waste our time prospecting for new clients, we can simply select those that will best represent our brand and our family to which all Fifty2one clients will be a part off. In the future our goal is to hold an annual meeting where we host an event for all 50 clients and we enjoy food, drinks and networking in the hope that we will in fact, where possible work with each other and help one another’s businesses flourish. This of course is and will always be voluntary but we feel would be beneficial for all of our members. Join our family today!